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Initiatives to fulfill our corporate social responsibility

Expanding Opportunities for Employees to Join Volunteering

At the AEON DELIGHT Group, we provide opportunities for our employees to participate in volunteering thus to enable them to contribute for our society

"Clean-day" on the 11th

Clean-day on the 11th

We have designated the 11th of each month as "Clean-day," and all employees clean up the streets outside their workplaces before working hours begin .

Volunteering at social welfare facilities

Volunteer activities at social welfare facilities

We have conducted volunteer activities at facilities once a year, using the system of the AEON Social Welfare Foundation.

Installing balloon shelters for victims immediately after the Mid-Niigata Earthquake

Installing Balloon Shelters for Evacuees Immediately after the Mid-Niigata Earthquake

When the Mid-Niigata Earthquake struck in 2004, we immediately sent an advance team. By the next day, we had transported and set up a balloon shelter at the JUSCO Ojiya store. We managed and maintained the shelters together with three more tents installed by Peace Winds Japan, an NPO, and others in order to provide places for more than 400 evacuees.

Building a School in Laos (completed in June 2008)

Building a School in Laos (completed in June 2008)

We conducted a fundraising campaign as the AEON DELIGHT Group, and built a school in Laos to donate to the local community through the AEON 1% Club and the Japan Committee for UNICEF. The name of the school is AEON "Good-Job" School.

Responding to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Responding to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Immediately after the earthquake struck, Aeon Delight put together a support structure centered on roughly 300 people from our head office and from other operation locations. We transported relief supplies, provided generators, floodlights, and portable toilets, and also looked after the emotional condition of affected people through site visits. Aeon Delight then worked to promote quick recovery of the area through materials delivery and building restoration. As a measure against secondary damage and looting, Aeon Delight dispatched security guards and provided fire extinguishers, etc. to extend help and lifeline support to the entire disaster area.


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