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Facilities Management

We Manage Facilities to Be Safe, Secure, Comfortable and Pleasant.

We Manage Facilities to Be Safe, Secure, Comfortable and Pleasant.

We plan and design maintenance systems for buildings and facilities including their electrical equipment, fire protection equipment, air-conditioning and elevators based on our thorough diagnosis of facilities and original expertise. Each day, we carry out our maintenance and management services to maintain facilities in the best condition.

Maintenance of facilities Overall maintenance operations, including inspection, maintenance, operation management, repair and cleaning
Inspection of facilities Inspection of building-related facilities, including electrical equipment, air-conditioning, water supply and drainage, and sanitation
Improvement of facilities Legal inspections, maintenance and improvement of functions, adjustment, lubrication and washing
Operation management Monitoring of operational conditions of electrical equipment, air-conditioning, heat source systems and elevators
anagement of overall facilities Coordination with building owners, operation directors and regulatory authorities for implementing facility management

Service Features

  • Facility management

    Facility management

    We offer everything from permanent, on-site facilities management services in which our staff monitor equipment operation from your control room or disaster prevention center to regular patrol services in which our staff are dispatched from a nearby control center.

  • Facility improvement

    Facility improvement

    We provide inspection and improvement services for general buildings and equipment including inspection and maintenance work required for legal inspections and to maintain functionality.

Facilities Management Business Features

High-Tech Systems in Operation 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

High-Tech Systems in Operation 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

We can quickly respond to accidents or unexpected problems through our cooperation with the local site and AD Solution, which operate around the clock. We strive to prevent accidents by investigating and analyzing causes and effects.

Managing One of Japan's Largest "Eco-Shopping Centers"

Managing One of Japan's Largest Eco-Shopping Centers

AEON Lake Town, one of Japan's largest "eco-shopping centers" in Koshigaya City, Saitama. We manage the facilities of the shopping center, using the latest environment-friendly technologies. At AEON DELIGHT, we strive for environment-friendly maintenance.

The Industry's Largest Roster of Certified Personnel

The Industry's Largest Roster of Certified Personnel

We conduct training curricula with teachers who have many years of experience. All of our trainees receive hands-on practice at our well-equipped academy.

Providing High-Quality Services in Conformance with ISO Standards

As of 2008, all our offices succeeded in acquiring certification of registration with the ISO 9001 standards for quality assurance and the ISO 14001 standards for environmental management systems. As a result, we can provide ISO-compliant services of unmatched quality.

Our mission is to manage facilities comprehensively to ensure that they are in the best condition around the clock. We inspec, repair and improve of each facility with our cutting-edge technologies.
We are committed as facility management professionals to ensuring that customers feel "comfortable" about the space.