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Support Services

As concierge, we provide all types of customer requests.

As concierge, we provide all types of customer requests.

In addition to 6 major businesses, we offer various services as "Support businesses" to meet the diverse needs of our customers comprehensively. We work in research and development on a consistent basis to support customer's main business from every direction. We reduce cost relate to administration and operation drastically by realizing comprehensiveness and provide services that focus on the end-consumers of our B-to-B customers, enhance customer's asset value and quality of business.

Service Features

  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service

    BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service

    We investigate customers' circumstances relevant to their various operations such as input and account of salary and offer the best suited solution. We realize their cost reduction.

  • BTM (Business Travel Management) services

    BTM (Business Travel Management) services

    We offer in the following business trip related services comprehensively, reduction the direct cost such as air ticket and accommodation fee, streamlining expense related business, enhancing internal control risk management etc.

  • Secured transport

    Secured transport

    We offer not only unifying management of cash, selling and maintenance of equipment, but also consulting service for operational improvement of secured transport. We make a suggestion the best suited solution for each customer's problem.

  • Housework Services

    Housework Services

    We have a full service lineup available that covers all types of housework, including cleaning, laundry, and cooking. We support a wide variety of living needs.

  • Apartment management

    Apartment management

    We support secure and comfortable apartment living. We fully support management associations. We provide comprehensive building management aimed at the maintenance and improvement of asset value. We also propose services that make daily living more convenient.

  • Concierge service

    Concierge service

    Resident concierge in apartment support comfortable living of inhabitants. We offer useful services widely with hospitality.

  • Delivery inside buildings

    Delivery inside buildings

    The collection and delivery of products and mail by our staff not only reduces the burden on customers, but also helps with cost reduction. Securing access control also leads to improved building security.

  • General service station

    General service station

    We use in-house space effectively to set up mini-stores for employees. The provision of a wide variety of food, drinks, miscellaneous goods, and services produces an environment that is easier to work in.

Examples of other services

parking, document management, temporary staffing, moving, planting, catering, day care