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Creating a Comfortable Workplace and Fair Business Environment

Fostering Professional Human Resources

At AEON delight, we conduct training curricula based on hands-on expertise. By doing so, we not only ensure the transmission of knowledge and skills, but we also devote energy to foster professional human resources that possess both a spirit of hospitality and management capabilities.

Fostering professional human resources

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Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

At AEON delight, we are working to realize diversity and inclusion, aimed at respecting the individuality of each person and making the active participation of diverse personnel the driving force for growth. We are also supporting female employees by increasing the recruitment ratio of full-time female employees and fostering female managers. We also conduct activities such as the following: LGBT seminars, participation in the IkuBoss Corporate Alliance, and productivity-improving activities to correct long working hours.

AEON Diversity

Promotion of Work-Life Balance

We are working to create an environment where all employees can continue to work with a sense of security by being conscious of their work-life balance, such as by introducing work styles with limited work locations and friendlier work styles for those who also have childcare and nursing care responsibilities.

Promotion of work-life balance

Business Partner Hotline

AEON delight has set up the Business Partner Hotline for business partners engaged in business transactions with AEON delight group companies in Japan, with the aim to promote fair business activities and realize mutual growth. If there are any violation of laws or regulations, acts that infringe the rights of an individual or company, or abuse of superior bargaining position in the course of doing business with any of the AEON delight group companies, these cases can be reported via telephone, facsimile or e-mail. The information of the informant is treated under strict confidentiality and shall cause no disadvantage to related business transactions.

Business Partner Hotline

(Operation hours: 9:30 - 17:30, excluding weekends and holidays)
TEL: 0120-10-2322 FAX: 06-6365-5432

Business Partner Hotline

Provision of a Safe Facility Environment

We are working to improve the service quality provided to customers such as through our customer support center and AEON delight (AD) Solution Center, which aggregate and analyze customer requests, and the implementation of skill contests to improve quality.

Provision of a safe facility environment

Provision of a Hygienic Facility Environment

Efforts to Combat COVID-19

The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused growing anxiety about inflections. Against this backdrop, we are working on developing new ways of facility management, such as establishing methods of infection prevention and disinfection and developing and introducing contactless services, aimed at continuing to provide a “safe and secure” environment to those who are using the facilities.

Provision of a hygienic facility environment

Infection Prevention Measures through Hygienic Cleaning

In recent year, infection prevention in medical facilities has become an issue. In light of this, at AEON delight, we provide a cleaning method that incorporates infection countermeasures called “hygiene control” to hospitals throughout the country. Going forward, we will expand hygiene control services to facilities such as laboratories with high hygiene requirement standards as well as commercial facilities and hotels that are used by a large and unspecified number of people to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure environment.

Provision of a hygienic facility environment

Initiatives with Local Communities

We are conducting activities together with customers in the community who use the facilities toward realizing a better society, such as through disaster prevention training, AED experience meeting, and work experience for children.

Initiatives with local communities