AEON delight

Cleaning Services

Creating a clean, comfortable environment that offers more than an aesthetic appearance

AEON delight carries out cleaning services from the perspective of enhancing the longevity of facilities besides maintaining an aesthetic appearance. We continually strive to improve operational efficiency and to enhance quality through activities such as small-group movement by site and establishing quality standards for each facility. We are also promoting the development and introduction of cleaning robots and new environmentally friendly equipment.

Strength 1

Applying state-of-the-art technology to offer cleaning services with high quality and high efficiency

By leveraging the knowhow accumulated through cleaning large commercial facilities and economies of scale, we have developed and introduced innovations such as state-of-the-art cleaning robots, large-size high performance machines, and proprietary water-based floor coating agents.

Strength 2

System to improve quality and productivity

A system is in place to collect and share effective measures that have been employed at our sites around the country. We strive to make further improvements in quality and standardization. We also emphasize cleaning services that welcome customers with hospitality and ensure that our personnel receive training on general manners.

Strength 3

Realizing a highly hygienic facility environment with “hygiene control” services

We carry out advanced hygiene control using cleaning methods backed by various types of evidence. We provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment to medical institutions and facilities requiring high hygiene standards such as clean rooms handling precision instruments.

A company certified with the medical-related service mark

AEON delight acquired the “Medical-related service mark” in the “hospital cleaning” category issued by the Japan Health Enterprise Foundation, which certifies businesses meeting its criteria for offering quality services to medical institutions and the public.

Service Menu

Building cleaning

  • Cleaning before store opening
  • Basic daily cleaning
  • Daily patrol cleaning
  • Periodic floor cleaning
  • Window glass cleaning

Cleaning consulting

  • Cleaning consulting
  • Cleaning consulting for small stores

Cleaning of articles

  • Cleaning and maintenance of shopping carts

Greenery management

  • Formulation of greenery management plan

Special cleaning

  • Cleaning of space/lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Special cleaning
  • Exterior wall cleaning
  • Hospital cleaning
  • New Standard cleaning
  • Cleaning at the time of renovation/handover
  • Air conditioner filter cleaning
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Kitchen grease filter cleaning


  • Sale of cleaning equipment
  • Waste management

Solution Example

Measures taken against infectious diseases at a large hospital with hygiene control services

Due to the advancement of technology and rising awareness of hygiene, large hospitals are placing more importance on measures against infectious diseases. AEON delight provided “hygiene control” services that incorporated infection control to such a hospital. By establishing an infection control program comprised of a cleaning process based on scientific evidence and assessment, we are supporting to enhance the Environmental Value of the medical institution.