AEON delight

Architecture / Interior Work

Creating facility environments that contribute to enhancing the value and longevity of buildings

By leveraging the knowhow in facilities management accumulated over 40 years, AEON delight presents proposals that contribute to enhancing the value and longevity of buildings. We provide comprehensive support from planning, construction to management, including facility restoration construction, renovation and interior work, as well as major repair work.

Strength 1

Reducing life-cycle costs and enhancing asset value

By utilizing the knowledge and knowhow cultivated at facility management sites, we carry out timely repair and refurbishment work to achieve lower life-cycle costs and enhanced asset value of facilities.

Strength 2

Comprehensively creating attractive commercial environments

We capture the needs of ever more diverse and sophisticated commercial facilities to comprehensively create attractive commercial environments, with services ranging from planning, design to construction and management.

Strength 3

Reducing energy costs with energy saving construction

We offer comprehensive coordination from installation of instrumentation equipment for measuring energy consumption in a building, to energy saving construction for a building’s key equipment such as for electricity, air conditioning and plumbing.

Service Menu


  • Interior designing
  • Designing for energy saving refurbishment


  • Construction/interior work (exterior wall painting, roof waterproofing, store renovation work)
  • Equipment work (electricity, air conditioning and plumbing/sanitary equipment work; disaster/crime prevention equipment work)
  • Energy saving construction (sale and construction of products to reduce environmental load such as LEDs, high reflection panels; construction of EV chargers)