AEON delight

Security Services

Providing a safe and secure space with security plans tailored to your needs

The required level of security depends on the industry and type of facility, such as whether the facility is a large commercial facility, office, condominium, school or factory. AEON delight proposes the most efficient and highly safe security plan tailored to the needs of the customer’s industry and type of facility, by combining security with human guards and advanced equipment.
We offer an array of security services, including permanent on-site security, ensuring public safety, machine security, traffic control, and crowd control at events.

Strength 1

Proven track record starting at large commercial facilities

Security for large commercial facilities used by the general public requires flexible measures to be taken depending on the season and time, and therefore providing security to these facilities is said to be the most difficult among commercial facilities. Backed by knowhow accumulated over 40 years, AEON delight provides a wide range of security services to various types of facilities including hospitals, office buildings and hotels.

Strength 2

Providing support for special security (event security) from planning to operation

Our services start from formulating a security plan together with the organizer to operation management and implementation. We ensure the safety and security of events with a systematic security structured around a security headquarters. Our guards can also perform ceremonies at events upon request.

Strength 3

Pleasant security endowed with a spirit of hospitality

AEON delight values the spirit of hospitality in our security that ensures safety and security. Our training program covers an extensive area starting with the basics in exchanging greetings, how we speak, walk and attend to customers, and we strive to foster personnel with high communication capabilities.

Service Menu


  • Permanent security at disaster prevention centers
  • Access control
  • Night time reception
  • Event security
  • Information provided by security personnel

Car/bicycle parking management

  • Reception,guidance
  • Machine operation

Machine security (construction)

  • Formulation of machine security plan
  • Construction of various security machines

Facility security

  • Hotel front desk at night