AEON delight

Materials/Supplies Sourcing Services

Realizing total cost reduction and higher operational efficiency with centrally managed materials procurement

We support the customer’s cost reductions and operational efficiency through planning, proposal, procurement and supply of various materials including packaging and sanitary materials for stores, packages, food wrapping materials, as well as consumable materials for offices.
We achieve total cost reduction through centrally managed materials procurement that draws on our expertise and through efficient logistics utilizing distribution bases throughout the country.

Strength 1

Planning and support for sourcing strategies

After signing a confidentiality agreement, we analyze the customer’s purchase situation to propose an optimal sourcing strategy that includes a more efficient ordering and delivery system based on operation schedules.

Strength 2

Developing cost competitive and environmentally friendly products

In response to increasing needs related to environmental conservation, we modify materials and change specifications to reduce costs in our process to develop environmentally friendly products.

Strength 3

Reducing distribution costs through efficient logistics

AEON delight’s distribution bases are centrally managed by a system and the processes from receiving customer orders to billing are conducted online, to achieve reductions in workload and higher accuracy in shipment and inventory management.

Service Menu

Purchase and procurement services

  • Sale of materials for stores
  • Sale of stationery and consumable materials
  • Sale of sanitary consumable materials
  • Sale of bulbs, consumable materials for equipment
  • Sale of food tray wrapping
  • Sale of product packaging
  • Sale of uniforms
  • Sale of materials for factories
  • Sale of nursing care products

Rental services

  • Copying machine rental
  • Greenery rental
  • Rental of smoking area separating machine
  • Mop rental
  • Shopping basket rental
  • White work robe rental
  • Uniform rental

Sale of environmentally friendly products

  • Eco trays
  • Sale of environmentally friendly materials