AEON delight

Support Services

Responding to a wide range of outsourcing needs with an extensive service menu

Our extensive service menu responds to various client needs in indirect operations such as general affairs and purchasing.

Strength 1

Cutting costs by outsourcing indirect operations

By entrusting us with a comprehensive range of operations that cover a number of departments and facilities, we can reduce the customer’s overall costs related to indirect operations and provide support to improve work efficiency.

Strength 2

Offering one-stop services related to business travel, meetings, trainings and other events

We provide comprehensive support for cumbersome tasks related to business travel to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. We also present optimal solutions for meetings, trainings and trade shows with wide ranging services covering from planning, preparation to operation.

Strength 3

An extensive service menu covering from B-to-B to B-to-C needs

By offering services that take into consideration the consumers that exist beyond our B-to-B clients, we strive to further enhance the clients’ assets and business quality.

Service Menu

BTM (Business Travel Management)

  • Total support for tasks related to business trips

Arranging for meeting rooms

  • Planning and operation of meetings, training tours, trade shows, etc.

Mail services

  • Collection and delivery within the facility/sorting
  • Distribution service in the building (delivery in the building)
  • Mail service in the building

Information services

  • Reception (office, etc.)
  • Information service

Attendant services

  • Facility patrol-type “mobile information service”

Distribution management

  • Arranging shopping carts

Other services

  • Secured transport (cash transport)
  • Catering
  • Washing baskets used at commercial facilities
  • Housework services