Our Story

For 50 years since its establishment,
We have provided “safety and security” for facilities and their surrounding environments.
We will tell you about our thoughts that have supported people's lives and livelihoods.

CEO Message

The AEON delight Group will continue to protect people's precious places as an environmental value-creating company by continuously transforming and adapting to changes in the environment.


We aim to create environmental value to resolve social issues in Asia based on the three pillars of our growth strategy: “Safety and Security,” "Labor Shortage," and “Environment.”
To achieve this, we will establish our corporate brand as a group of specialists in facility management and form a regional economic zone in each of the areas that we operate.

Our Identity

We have compiled information on the AEON delight Group's identity, including our management principle, code of conduct, corporate symbol, and history.

50th Anniversary

The roots of AEON delight can be traced back to the Sennichi Department Store fire that broke out in May 1972. Our predecessor company was created out of the desire to prevent such a tragic accident from ever happening again.


In addition to basic information such as our date of establishment, representative, and head office location, you will find a wide range of information on the AEON delight Group, including directors and their biographies, official business registrations, group companies, and other information.

AEON delight Academy

By having our own research and training facilities that replicate the actual facility environment, we are constantly working to develop professional human resources with both technical capabilities and hospitality skills. We pursue global-level service quality with our technical and human capabilities.