Sustainable Resource Use


Aeon plastic usage policy

Aeon will work on sustainable plastic use toward the realization of a carbon-free society. Through our stores, products and services, we will work with all stakeholders to establish a new decarbonized and resource-recycling lifestyle.

  1. We will review the waste of resources and the use of disposable types in our business activities and aim for zero disposable plastics.
  2. The necessary plastics will be converted from fossil-derived materials to environmentally and socially friendly materials.
  3. We will build a resource recycling model that collects, reuses, and recycles used plastics from our stores, and work with our customers on sustainable resource use.

<Goal>Aiming for sustainable use of plastics with zero CO2 emissions

  • By 2030, we will halve the amount of disposable plastic used compared to 2018.
  • By 2030, all PB products will use environmentally and socially friendly materials.
  • By 2030, we will convert PET bottles of PB products to 100% recycled or plant-derived materials.

Formulated in September 2020


Nature Conservation and Environmental Impact Reduction

Initiatives to Reduce Disposable Plastics

Based on the Aeon Plastic Usage Policy, which aims to halve the amount of disposable plastic used by 2030 (as compared to 2018), we are working to reduce the amount of plastic used in our store delivery materials.
In addition to conventional methods such as making materials thinner and lighter, we are also working to switch from plastic to paper and wood for cutlery such as spoons and forks, in compliance with the The Plastic Resource Circulation Act.
In FY2020, we began offering straws developed in-house with a four-layer structure that is both strong and water-resistant.
In FY2022, we are providing approximately 100 million pieces of cutlery, 80% of which are being made of wood, paper, or other environmentally friendly materials.  The cutlery and straws combined help reduce the amount of disposable plastic by approximately 185 tons per year.

Proposal of Environmentally Friendly Products

We offer our customers plastic bags and packaging materials that use biomass plastics, which reduce the use of fossil resources and do not increase CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through incineration, and packaging materials that use ink containing biomass-derived ingredients.
From FY2022, we will plan, manufacture, and supply shopping baskets made from 30% recycled raw materials using customer shopping baskets from Aeon stores to promote our "basket to basket" activities in the Aeon Group.