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What kind of company is AEON delight?

AEON delight is a company that continues to support people's lives and livelihoods through facility management in line with our management principle: "We Pursue the Creation of "Environmental Value" for our Customers and for the Local Communities."

What is facility management?

Our facility management business helps solve customer issues by providing optimal services related to the management and operation of facilities. We offer a wide range of services, covering everything from energy management and commercial environment planning and design to facilities management, security, cleaning, renovation, materials procurement, and vending machine management, to create optimal solutions that address the challenges that companies and organizations face.

FY02/2024 business results
  • Net sales


  • Operating income


  • Net income


Our strength

Our strength lies in our ability to provide optimal solutions to resolve our customer's challenges through our wide range of facility-related services and our network of professional personnel in Japan and overseas.

Market size

The facility management market is expanding on a global level, especially in Asia, as an effective method for solving today's issues faced by companies and organizations, such as reducing environmental impact, disaster prevention and mitigation, improving productivity, and health management.

Estimated market size in each country where
AEON delight operates *company estimate
  • Japan


  • China


  • ASEAN countries


  • Asia in total


* Reference: Global FM, 2019, Global Facility Management Report 2018

Growth strategy

The AEON delight Vision 2025

Aiming to be an environment value-creating company in Asia
that resolves social issues based on three pillars of our growth strategy:
“Safety and Security,” “Labor force shortage,” and “Environment.”

To achieve Vision 2025, we will work to establish a corporate brand as a group of specialists in facility management and form a regional economic zone in the areas that we operate.

Target Figures for Vision 2025
  • Net sales


  • Net sales

    Global TOP10

    No.1 in Asia

  • Operating income


  • Operating income margin


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