Top Commitment

To continue protecting people's precious places as an environmental value-creating company

The AEON delight Group's management principle is "We Pursue the Creation of 'Environmental Value' for our Customers and for the Local Communities". Our company was founded in 1972 after the Sennichi Department Store fire in Sennichimae, Osaka, which is considered the worst fire incident in the history of building fires in Japan. Our sense of mission for safety and security has been passed down to us even today, 50 years after our founding, and we believe that our desire to provide a better facility environment for our customers is shared by the SDGs' goal of creating a better society.

In our medium- to long-term vision, "AEON delight Vision 2025 (Vision 2025)," which we announced in 2018 with the aim of achieving further sustainable growth, we stated that we are “Aiming to be an environment value-creating company in Asia that resolves social issues based on three pillars of our growth strategy: ‘Safety and Security,’ ‘Labor force shortage,’ and ‘Environment’.” Subsequently, in April 2021, we announced our intention to promote ESG management with the belief that the practice of ESG management is crucial to enhance our drive to resolve the social issues identified in Vision 2025.

We have identified 12 material issues in five areas, including "safety and security," "labor shortage," and "environment," which are three of the social issues in our Vision 2025, as well as "use of technology" and "corporate governance," which we believe are crucial in achieving sustainable growth. In April 2022, we established a Sustainability Committee as a company-wide promotion body for ESG management. The committee will identify the highest priority issues and make decisions on initiatives to resolve these issues based on our Basic Policies for Sustainability and Material Issues.

We will continue to work toward achieving business growth and creating a sustainable society by putting our management principles into practice and "creating environmental value". 

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