Facilities Management in Asia

Becoming Asia's No. 1 Facility Management Group

We, the AEON delight Group, aim to become Asia's No. 1 facility management (FM) group, and are expanding our business not only in Japan, but also in China and ASEAN countries.

With changes in the urban environment driven by economic growth, the market for FM is expanding in Asia. Under these circumstances, we are expanding our business to build the No. 1 brand in Asia by developing customer-driven services that meet the market characteristics of each area, such as culture, business customs, and laws and regulations.


China positioned as Asia's largest growth area

In China, which we consider the largest growth area in Asia, we established a local subsidiary in Beijing in 2007. Subsequently, we have built a business foundation by welcoming leading local companies to the Group, such as Aeon Delight Sufang (Suzhou) Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd. (presently AEON DELIGHT (CHINA) SERVICE MANAGEMENT GROUP CO., LTD.) and Wuhan Xiaozhu Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd. in 2013,

In China, demand for high-quality FM services is on the rise as social infrastructure develops and urbanization progresses. Taking advantage of our expertise and energy-saving technologies cultivated in Japan, we have expanded our business by providing services to a variety of facilities and regions, including major commercial facilities, high-end residences, transportation infrastructure facilities, and participation in regional redevelopment projects.

Enhancing services while addressing diverse FM needs through new businesses and M&As

To meet the diverse FM needs in China, we are aggressively expanding our business domain, including by developing operation services and light meal replenishment services at logistics facilities. In addition to this sort of organic growth, we are also actively pursuing M&A opportunities.

In FY2021, Aeon Delight (Jiangsu) Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd. (presently AEON DELIGHT (CHINA) SERVICE MANAGEMENT GROUP CO., LTD.) acquired a Suzhou-based company with advanced expertise and a proven track record in outsourced factory operations. In addition, in FY2022, Aeon Delight (China) Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Aeon Delight China”)* acquired a local company with strengths in outsourced operations at medical-related facilities in Zhejiang and Jiangxi Provinces.

With the aim of achieving further growth in China, we will continue to accelerate business expansion throughout the country through aggressive M&A of companies in different industries, centered on Aeon Delight China, which has an investment function, to acquire new businesses and property management companies with business bases in various regions.

*To strengthen the investment function, we shifted the corporate form of Aeon Delight China to an investment company to enable a wider range of operations in October 2022.

Operated a wide range of businesses locally, including facility management, security, cleaning, etc.


Expanding business in ASEAN, where substantial growth is expected in the medium to long term

We believe that the ASEAN region is an area that presents substantial growth potential over the medium to long term, and in 2012, we established local subsidiaries in Malaysia and Vietnam to begin operations in the area. Subsequently, in 2018, we established an AEON Delight Vietnam sales office in Cambodia and began business development in the country. In addition, in December of 2018, we made PT Sinar Jernih Sarana, which operates a cleaning business in Indonesia, a consolidated subsidiary, thereby expanding our area of operations.

Since then, we have steadily grown our business in each country by providing services tailored to the characteristics of each market.

Furthermore, since we expect further growth in the area over the medium to long term, we began preparations to establish an ASEAN Head Office in FY2022 and opened a regional office in Malaysia, with the aim of strengthening our management foundation and drawing up a new growth strategy for each country.

In ASEAN, we will continue to expand our business in each country, strengthen quality management, and strive to "create environmental value" in each area, while also considering business development in areas where we have not yet entered.

Also focused on developing local talent