Basic Policies for Sustainability

AEON delight’s management philosophy is "We Pursue the Creation of ’Environmental Value’ for our Customers and for the Local Communities.” Based on this management philosophy, we will contribute to solving social issues and achieving a sustainable society by creating "environmental value" in all aspects of our business together with our many stakeholders.

  • We will strive to create a safe, secure, hygienic, and healthy usage environment in and around our facilities.
  • By providing solutions that meet society's expectations, we will contribute to achieving a decarbonized society, conserving biodiversity, and promoting recycling.
  • We will comply with laws and social norms, build relationships of mutual trust with our business partners, and conduct fair business activities throughout the supply chain.
  • We will respect the human rights of each individual and create a vibrant organizational culture in which diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities.
  • As a corporate citizen, we will engage in social contribution activities that aim for a better environment and society.

Formulated on August 2, 2021