About AEON delight

  • Q.When was the company founded?

    A.It was founded on November 16, 1972.

  • Q.When does your fiscal year end?

    A.Our fiscal year runs from March 1 to the end of February.

Stock-related questions

  • Q.On which stock exchanges is AEON delight listed?

    A.AEON delight is listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • Q.What is the trading unit for Company shares?

    A.100 shares per unit.

  • Q.What is your stock code?

    A.The stock code is 9787.

  • Q.Do you have a shareholder special benefit plan?

    A.Shareholders as of the end of February receive AEON gift cards worth 2,000 yen.

  • Q.Who is your shareholder registry administrator?

    A.Please confirm with Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

  • Q.When is your general shareholders' meeting?

    A.The meeting is held annually in May. Please visit the IR Calendar webpage for detailed information.

  • Q.When is the ex-dividend date?

    A.The ex-dividend date for the year-end dividend is the last day of February, and the ex-dividend date for the interim dividend is August 31.

Questions related to settlement of accounts and financial information

  • Q.When does AEON delight announce its financial results?

    A.Please visit the IR Calendar webpage for detailed information on our financial results announcements. The dates of upcoming announcements are regularly added to the calendar.

  • Q.Where can I find financial performance data available for reference?

    A.Please visit the Financial Highlights, Financial Condition Overview and Segment Information webpages for detailed information.

  • Q.Where can I find the latest information on financial results and business forecasts?

    A.Please visit the Financial Results webpage in the Investor Relations section.