For Customer Satisfaction

Basic approach

The AEON delight Group provides facility management services to a wide variety of facilities. Accordingly, we are working to ensure and improve the quality of our operations to provide a safer, more secure, clean, and comfortable facility environment as a top priority. Furthermore, providing quality from the standpoint of the facility owner and all customers who use the facility not only ensures the trust of customers, but also provides new business opportunities. As a company closely connected to the daily lives of its customers, the AEON delight Group is committed to customer satisfaction.

Quality policies

We will engage in the following activities through facilities management business to realize our Management Principle.

  1. We will work toward the growth of our customers and the resolution of social issues based on the three pillars of our growth strategy set out in the AEON delight Vision 2025: “Safety and Security,” “Labor force shortage,” and “Environment.”
  2. We will build a management system with highest priority on own safety.
  3. Abide by the contract details and actively make proposals in order to offer services that are truly appreciated by the customer.
  4. We have set quality objectives as our annual policies formulated based on the following basic policies in our Medium-Term Management Plan, and will strive to achieve the objectives through our business activities. 
    1. Customer-oriented management
    2. Promotion of DX
    3. Group management
  5. In promoting the above activities, we will continually promote improvements by building a management system in assuming and managing various risks such as disasters and accidents.
  6. We will comply with laws and regulations as well as other requirements deemed accepted.

April 3, 2023

Kazumasa Hamada
President and CEO

Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015・JIS Q 9001:2015 certification

Registered company Registration date Certifying body Registration number
AEON DELIGHT CO., LTD. November 1, 2000 Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO) QC09J0022
Scope of registration Provision of facility management services (facility management, security, cleaning, construction management, material procurement, support for vending machine installation, and customer support services)

Providing a safe facility environment

Supporting local crisis management

In the event of a disaster, we provide crisis management support to our customers by restoring damaged facilities, dispatching support personnel, coordinating with relevant government authorities, and procuring disaster response equipment and supplies to minimize damage and restore facilities as quickly as possible. In addition, we work together with our customers to prepare for disasters even during normal times.

Crisis management from the AEON delight Solution Center

We have established two AEON delight Solution Centers (ADSCs) in Japan, one in Osaka City and the other in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture (AEON Komaki Crisis Management Center), as crisis management centers that play a central role in disaster prevention, with the ADSC in Osaka operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ADSC constantly collects and analyzes disaster information and remotely monitors facilities for abnormalities in order to prepare for the risks posed by disasters. In the event of disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and major power outages, the ADSC is used as an information gathering team to provide an organized response.

Quality control through the Customer Support Center (CSC)

We have established Customer Support Centers (CSCs) in eight regional offices across Japan to collect, accumulate, and analyze customer information and requests. We accurately grasp the individual issues faced by our customers and provide optimal solutions.

To address labor shortages and continue to provide services that meet the cost and quality requirements of our customers, we are developing a new facility management model centered on CSCs by reducing the number of resident facility managers and moving toward unmanned operations through digital transformation efforts. We are transforming from the traditional facility management model to an area management model in which customers share our facility management staff in an area.

In addition, the CSC of the Kanto regional office in the new headquarters building (Kanda, Tokyo), which started operations in September 2021, will be equipped to serve as a backup ADSC. By sharing systems and data among our three bases in Osaka, Komaki, and Tokyo, and by establishing a backup system for crisis management functions, we have built a system that can demonstrate resilience in the event of a major wide-area disaster.

Facility management service quality

In September 2018, AEON delight became the first company in Japan to acquire the ISO 41001 certification, the world’s first international standards in facilities management. In recent years, companies are required to address a range of issues including productivity improvement, work-style reform, environmental load reduction, and health and productivity management. Facilities management that strategically leverages a facility and its surrounding environment is attracting attention as a management approach that helps resolve these issues.

AEON delight will merge the management system based on ISO standards with its own work quality standards acquired over the years to offer services at the global level.

Quality improvement through technical contests

We have been holding technical contests since FY2019 with the aim of encouraging specialists in each field to hone their technical skills and to make ideas generated in the field a shared asset of the Group. In addition to domestic and overseas group companies in each of our facilities management, security, and cleaning businesses, our partner companies that provide services alongside us also participate in the contest.

In the facilities management division, contestants compete on their technical skills and teamwork, including everything from work safety to customer service. In the security division, the results of site-based initiatives are presented, and in the cleaning division, creative and inventive initiatives that ensure the safety and security of facility users are also presented. Through technical contests, we aim to improve the expertise of not only our own company but also the entire service network, and to foster a culture in which employees can proactively communicate their daily insights and improvement ideas and reflect them in their work.

Providing a hygienic facility environment

Infection control through hygiene control service

With infection prevention in medical facilities becoming an issue, we offer our unique hygiene control cleaning method, which incorporates infection control measures, to hospitals throughout Japan. We help healthcare facilities improve their environmental value by establishing infection control programs through pre-planning and evidence-based cleaning operations, visualization and assessment (evaluation) of hygienic conditions.

In addition to hospitals, we also provide services to laboratories with high hygiene requirements, as well as commercial facilities and hotels that are used by many people.

Hygienic Cleaning(FMNavi)(Japanese Only)

COVID-19 prevention initiatives

Based on our hygiene control services incorporating infection control measures offered to hospitals, we have formulated a cleaning procedure manual compiled under the supervision of experts in infection control science and are providing a new service called New Standard Cleaning that ensures a hygienic environment based on scientific evidence.
We have extended the service into not only commercial facilities with a number of customers but also offices.

Specification changes from planar views to emphasizing elevational views

Cleaning that used to mainly focus on planar surfaces was switched to cleaning based on scientific evidence including elevation surfaces. In addition to maintaining an aesthetic environment, this approach aims to maintain and improve hygiene. Infection control measures are reinforced on surfaces with high frequency of contact with hands, and cleaning is carried out using detergent with efficacy confirmed against COVID-19 and microfiber cloths with excellent removal effect including removal of bacteria.

Visualization of preventive cleaning with the Infection Control Cleaning Team

We have created a unique training program that incorporates our knowhow in hygiene control services and the latest research trends in infection control science.
The Infection Control Cleaning Team, comprised of Clean Crews (name of our cleaning staff) who have received professional training, carries out cleaning according to manuals based on appropriate materials management.

Quantifying quality through monitoring

In order to make ‘visible’ the cleanliness level of cleaning areas that are not perceptible to the human eye, cleanliness is monitored using "ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing*1" technology that expresses the total amount of organic substances in numbers. A test is conducted immediately after cleaning, and if the results do not meet a certain standard, improvements are made by reviewing work methods and training.

*1 ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing: The test combines ATP contained within the cells of all organisms with enzymes, etc. and measures the amount of light produced (Relative Light Unit; RLU) through the reaction.