Risk Management

Basic Policy

AEON delight Group has adopted the following approach and measures to risk management.

  • We manage various risks that may have a serious impact and cause losses in a centralized and continuous manner. We identify and analyze risks, specify major risks, consider risk countermeasures (avoidance, mitigation, transfer, retention), and develop measures to reduce losses accompanying the materialization of major risks. If a risk materializes, we take appropriate and speedy action as an organization to minimize damage to customers and other persons concerned, and to restore operations as quickly as possible.
  • With the understanding that in the event of a wide-area or major disaster, we have a mission to fulfill our social responsibility and role in responding to the disaster, preventing secondary damage, and restoring operations as soon as possible. Accordingly, we will continue to make the necessary preparations and ensure that we are able to take the best possible actions to minimize damage and continue operations of high social importance in the event of a crisis.
  • The entire AEON delight Group implements PDCA activities to promote risk management.

Risk Management System

AEON delight Group has established the following systems to make necessary decisions and take actions against various foreseeable risks in the course of its business activities.

AEON delight Group Risk Management Organization Chart

  1. From a list of 94 risks (FY 2023) in 12 areas compiled by the General Manager of Risk Management and the Group Internal Control Department, which is in charge of risk management, the Risk Management Committee, consisting of executive officers, selects key risks with particularly major impact.
  2. The Risk Management Committee appoints a Key Risk Owner for each key risk. The Key Risk Owner addresses key risks by directing the risk managers of related departments and Group affiliates and holding risk management manager meetings as necessary.
  3. The Risk Management Committee receives reports on the status of measures to address key risks from the key risk owners, evaluates and analyzes the content of these reports, and reports the results to the Board of Directors on a regular basis. In addition, if a risk materializes and serious damage is expected, the General Manager of Risk Management promptly reports it to the President.
  4. For risk management under normal times, each AEON delight division is designated as a Risk Management Department and is responsible for monitoring the risk management status of risks related to its own division, preventing risk events from occurring, and mitigating losses under the supervision of the risk manager.
  5. The Group Internal Control Department examines risk scenarios and monitors the status of measures taken by each Group company, and reports the status of such measures to the Risk Management Committee on a regular basis.
  6. The Group Corporate Audit Department evaluates the effectiveness of risk management through audits and other means.
  7. In the event of a wide-area or major disaster or other event that hinders business continuity, we establish an disaster response headquarters headed by the President in accordance with the basic rules for business continuity in times of crisis (Basic Rules for BCP) and rules established in association with these rules, to enable more rapid decision-making and execution than under normal circumstances. In addition, we provide education and training in accordance with the business continuity plan, and continuously improve the plan.
  8. The Risk Management Committee discusses and works to review and identify risks with respect to potential risks and risks newly requiring attention that have not yet materialized.