With Our Partners

Our approach to supply chain management

When selecting and registering partner companies, AEON delight Group checks and monitors their quality management and business implementation systems, and their understanding of and compliance with the Delight Way (Management Philosophy, Code of Conduct, and My Promise), which is our basic philosophy. In FY2022, we conducted quality control checks at 284 companies, and we will also check their education system for legal education, training, and compliance in the future.
In addition, we have positioned companies that have particularly high levels of expertise and quality in products and services, that handle many of ouroperations, and that support our growth policies and measures as key partner companies.

Declaration of Partnership Building

In March 2022, we announced our endorsement of the Declaration of Partnership Building*. AEON delight views this declaration as a means of coexistence and co-prosperity with our partner companies through sustainable relationship building, as well as a way to add value and promote fair business practices throughout the supply chain.

The Declaration sets forth the use of DX to improve operational efficiency and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, as well as compliance with laws and regulations, fair trade, thorough compliance, and respect for human rights in accordance with our Basic Sustainability Policy.

* Established by the Council for the Promotion of Partnership Building for the Future, whose members include the Chairman of Keidanren, the President of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the President of RENGO, and relevant ministers. In order to build a sustainable relationship where large and small companies can grow together, company representatives have declaredcoexistence and co-prosperity throughout the supply chain, new partnerships that transcend size and affiliation, and adherence to desirable business practices between parent companies and subcontractors.

【 Declaration of Partnership Building 】(Excerpt)

We aim for coexistence and co-prosperity by establishing a new mechanism for value-added improvement, in addition to leveraging DX to share and visualize information throughout the supply chain and improve operational effciency.

Along with supply chain initiatives, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting efforts to combat climate change and global warming and reduce our environmental footprint.

In accordance with the Basic Sustainability Policy, we will strive to comply with laws and regulations, conduct fair business, ensure compliance, and respect human rights throughout our supply chain based on a relationship of mutual trusrt.

Communication with partner companies

As a measure to improve quality, we conduct training sessions related to the services provided. In the areas of security and cleaning services, which are the two areas of our business where we outsource most of our services to partner companies, we conduct training sessions for all partner companies with whom we have continued contracts. In FY2022, we held training sessions at eight locations nationwide for partner companies that provide cleaning and security services, and 228 companies participated in the sessions. The training sessions were based on recent case studies and topics that were covered included accident prevention, maintenance and improvement of work quality, and business manners.

AEON delight Group also holds technical contests, in which partner companies are invited to participate as team members, in order to promote collaborative efforts.

Questionnaires to partner companies

We conduct questionnaires for business partners to foster mutual trust and promote continuous development through fair transactions with partner companies.
In FY2022, we conducted a web-based survey of 1,713 partner companies of eight Group companies. After reporting the results of the survey to the Board of Directors, we identified priority issues that need to be addressed and have implemented measures to resolve these issues. We also provide feedback to the partner companies that responded to the survey, and ask for their cooperation in responding to future surveys. From FY2023, we plan to introduce the new Aeon Compliance Hotline and Business Partner Hotline, while also checking our compliance with Aeon's Human Rights Policy.

Reporting system for business partners

On April 1, 2021, we established a “Business Partner Hotline” to ensure that transactions are carried out fairly.
In dealing with our Group companies, partners can report by telephone, fax, or e-mail any legal violations, actions that harm the rights of individuals or companies, or abuse of a dominant position. Whistle-blower information is kept confidential and will not adversely affect transactions.

Business Partner Hotline

Tel:(+81)120-10-2322 / FAX:(+81)6-6365-5432