In October 2018, AEON delight has newly formulated the AEON delight Vision 2025 (hereinafter, Vision 2025) with an aim to achieve further sustainable growth. With our Management Principle, We will continue to create "environmental value" of clients and local communities as the cornerstone of our activities, we will strive to realize our goals and to resolve issues in society.

The AEON delight Vision 2025

Aiming to be an environment value-creating company in Asia
that resolves social issues
based on three pillars of our growth strategy:
“Safety and Security,” “Labor force shortage,” and “Environment.”

To achieve Vision 2025, we will work to establish a corporate brand as a group of specialists in facility management and form a regional economic zone in the areas that we operate.

Target Figures for Vision 2025


Three social issues we seek to solve through our business

Safety and Security

In keeping with our founding vision, we have strived to provide services that help to strengthen our customers’ disaster prevention and mitigation systems in ordinary times, while also assisting with crisis management in emergencies so as to minimize the damage caused by disasters.

As frequent natural disasters raise concerns about business continuity within companies, we constantly adopt new technologies to provide higher levels of safety and security, as we strive to continue fulfilling our founding mission.

AD Solution Center

Labor Shortage

In the new area management facility management model that we are promoting, remote support by CSC* eliminates the need for resident facility managers. We are moving away from the previous resident-based individual facility management to an area-based multiple facility management model centered on patrolling. At the same time, we continue to build and update the AEON delight Platform as a conduit for collecting and accumulating data from inside and outside facilities, processing it into valuable information that contributes to solving customer issues, and sharing it throughout our service network, including group companies and partner companies.

* CSC: Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center


The AEON delight Group provides a variety of services that help combat global warming, including installing energy-saving equipment, conducting energy-saving operations for various types of facilities, and providing freon management services in accordance with the Freon Emission Control Law. We will continue to provide support for customer decarbonization efforts through these services and help create a decarbonized society in cooperation with local communities.

Practicing ESG management

We will practice ESG management in order to enhance our ability to promote solutions to three social issues. With the aim of specifying the issues to be solved through our business, we identified 12 Materiality issues in five domains, including the three social issues of ensuring safety and security, resolving labor shortages, and addressing the environment as we set forth in the AEON delight Vision 2025, as well as using technology and enhancing governance, which we believe are necessary to achieve sustainable growth. Going forward, we will work to resolve these issues through our business.