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Terms of Use

The AEON DELIGHT Website is operated by AEON DELIGHT ("AD"). Before using this Website, please read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions Concerning Use of this Website.
These terms are subject to change without notice. Any such modifications will take effect after the modifications have been uploaded to this Website.


  1. AD is committed to ensuring the accuracy of the content of this website. However, this content is provided "as is" without any guarantees of any kind.
  2. AD disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, reliability, usefulness, or safety of this information.


The copyrights for all text, illustrations, logos, photographs, video, and other information contained on this Website are the property of AD or a third party.
Any use of this information - including reproduction, alteration, display, distribution, sales, and publication - without the prior consent of the copyright holder of this information is prohibited, except where permitted by copyright laws.

System Requirements

For easy and convenient viewing and usage of the AD Website, the following operating systems, browsers, and software plug-ins are recommended.

Operating System Requirements

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Browser Requirements

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Note: The operation of preview releases and beta versions of software are not guaranteed. If your browser cannot be used normally with this site, check the requirements stated above and be sure to use the designated browser. Note that even the browsers indicated might not operate normally because of your computing environment, firewall, virus software, browser settings, or browser version.

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This Website may contain animations, video, and files in PDF format.
AD recommends the installation of the following software plug-ins to enable playback and viewing of this content. The latest versions of these plug-ins can be downloaded free of charge.

Adobe Flash Player Adobe Reader Windows MediaPlayer

Browser Settings

Some content on this Website incorporates JavaScript to improve site usability.
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When browsing this Website, we recommend you turn on JavaScript in your browser settings.
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