Initiatives with Communities

Disaster prevention drills

We provide support for the planning and execution of comprehensive disaster prevention drills at customer facilities, including evacuation drills, evacuation guidance drills, fire drills using fire extinguishers, etc., and the installation of balloon shelters*. We work closely with the fire department as well as the police department and government authorities to ensure that facilities can function as a disaster prevention center for the city and to improve the safety of the facilities. In addition, we also cooperate and participate in comprehensive disaster prevention drills organized by prefectures and local governments to prepare for major earthquakes, including by installing balloon shelters.

*Large emergency evacuation tent that can accommodate up to 50 people.

Disaster relief activities

In the event of a major or wide-area disaster, the AEON delight Group establishes a task force immediately after the disaster strikes and engages in relief support activities. Utilizing our nationwide network of service bases and networks within and outside the AEON delight Group, we restore damaged facilities, dispatch support personnel, coordinate with relevant government agencies (fire departments, police departments, waterworks bureaus, etc.), and procure disaster relief materials, equipment, and supplies.

Volunteer activities

As part of Aeon Day on the 11th of each month, the Aeon Group organizes Clean & Green Activities consisting of collecting garbage on sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and underground crosswalks, and cleaning up tree planting strips, mainly on national roads around its stores. The AEON delight Group also carries out Clean & Green Activities at its offices and other locations, in addition to the Aeon Group stores where our employees work. We also use the Aeon Social Welfare Fund, which was established to promote the participation of people with disabilities in social activities and improve the welfare of the disabled, to continue volunteer activities at social welfare facilities at the end of each year.
In addition, the Aeon Heartful Volunteers have started ocean waste cleanup volunteer activities in FY2022.

Donations to the Aeon 1% Club

AEON delight makes a contribution to the AEON 1% Club, an organization in which key companies of the Aeon Group donate 1% of their pre-tax profits for three main projects: Sound Development of the Next Generation, Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Sustainable Development of Regional Communities.

Shopping basket cleaning consigned to vocational facilities

AEON delight cleans and sterilizes shopping baskets used in Aeon Group stores throughout Japan at 21 cleaning centers located throughout the country.Inside these cleaning centers, we provide support for people with disabilities by helping them work and become self-reliant, thereby contributing to the local community.

Life-saving training sessions

The AEON delight Group conducts lifesaving training sessions at Aeon stores and other facilities. Employees certified as first aid instructors give lectures on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including practical skills such as cardiac massage and AED operation using training dummies. Many people participate in these sessions, including local visitors and store employees.