AEON delight Academy Nagahama

Pursuit of personnel development and service quality

To give shape to our management principle to "pursue the Creation of ‘Environmental Value’ for our Customers and for the Local Communities”, we established the AEON delight Academy Nagahama as a research and training facility to develop personnel that can industrialize maintenance work.
We believe that the pursuit of personnel development and service quality is the key to greatly developing the "environmental value" of our customers and local communities.

Name AEON delight Academy Nagahama
Address 1199 Azasendomae, Tamura-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga 526-0829
TEL 0749-64-6010

Extensive facilities

For more practical training, we provide the same facility environment as in the field, and employees can gain a wide range of expertise and skills in facility management by experiencing this environment.

  • Electrical facilities training room
    Contains open and cubicle high-voltage power receiving and transforming equipment and low-voltage distribution panels

  • Air condition training room
    Equipped with air conditioning equipment such as outdoor heat-pump units and air supply/exhaust fans

  • Plumbing training room
    Equipped with plumbing facilities such as receiving water tanks and elevated water tank units

  • Heat source training room
    Contains an absorption chiller and air handling unit

  • Disaster prevention training room
    Equipped with a reproduction of an actual fire pump room, automatic fire alarm system, and disaster prevention experience room

  • Virtual Reality (VR) tool
    Contains a VR simulation facility that simulates accidents that may occur when correct procedures are not followed in facility management operations

Practical training programs

We provide about 30 types of practical training programs, including not only technical training but also management training, with the aim of creating a group of facility management experts with both technical and human capabilities.
In our manner training, which draws on our experience in commercial facilities, we aim to help trainees achieve a global-level hospitality mindset.

Technical training

In addition to providing customized training in management techniques for electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, and firefighting facilities, emergency response methods, energy-saving proposals, and cleaning, we also offer training to prepare employees to take the chief electrical engineer and other public certification exams.

We have improved our emergency response capabilities by providing comprehensive training that goes beyond the scope of facility management, security, and cleaning, including disaster drills and lifesaving training such as evacuation guidance, victim rescue, and power outage and water leak response.

Management training

We develop professionals with advanced management skills in communication, coaching and subordinate development, budget management, compliance, and business and profit improvement.

We also provide training based on job level and internal qualifications, as well as training for overseas assignees and training for management candidates.