Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2/22-FY2/24)

Accelerating growth to achieve the AEON delight Vision 2025

With the aim of achieving the AEON delight Vision 2025 (Vision 2025), we have formulated a new three-year medium-term management plan that spans from FY02/22 to FY02/24.
We will accelerate our growth to achieve Vision 2025 based on the three basic policies of Customer-Oriented Management, Promotion of DX, and Group Management.

Three basic policies

Customer-Oriented Management

Our goal is to create a system that transforms customer feedback into our own organizational capabilities in service development, quality control, and sales, and tie them into valuable proposals. To achieve this, we are working to develop the AEON delight Platform as a framework for collecting, analyzing, and processing a variety of data, including customer feedback, facility conditions, and market trends in customer industries, into valuable information.
In FY02/22, we worked to promote collaboration among internal systems to streamline operations. In addition, our sales department leveraged the AEON delight Platform to build a system that can immediately respond to customer needs and issues by visualizing and sharing information on customer requests through digitization.
In FY02/23, we reorganized our eight regional office structure in Japan in line with customer needs, facility characteristics, and regional characteristics, with the aim of enhancing our customer contact points. At the same time, by redefining the responsibilities of each job level from operations to management, we built a system that enables all of our regional offices to directly serve customers in their respective regions. In addition, our sales department is working to further strengthen account sales to expand our market share among existing customers and to attract new customers. Meanwhile, we began developing a consulting business as a new value-added service to fully support customer decarbonization efforts by organizing various initiatives that help reduce environmental impact, including energy saving proposals, which we have offered as part of our facility management services. Furthermore, we have expanded our healthcare-related services, which we have provided mainly to medical facilities, and began extending our proposals to lodging and other facilities in an effort to develop these services into a core business going forward.
Through these activities, we aim to boost the amount of facility and customer information fed into the AEON delight Platform and produce even higher value-added information for our customers, thereby helping them achieve even greater success.

Promotion of DX

We believe that Customer-Oriented Management and the Promotion of DX are inseparable. To further refine our customer-oriented management system, we need to collect more customer feedback and information on various facilities, distribute it on the AEON delight Platform, analyze it, and process the resulting output to be used by the entire Group. In FY02/23, we rolled out area management, a new facility management concept, and achieved manpower savings at a total of 91 facilities nationwide (269 facilities in total) by the third quarter, increasing the number of facilities that can be remotely managed from our customer support centers (CSC). At the same time, we are building a sustainable facility management model by promoting R&D for DX in operations outside of facility management, such as for security, cleaning, and support services. Through these efforts, we aim to resolve labor shortages and quickly achieve a change in our earnings structure.

Area Management structure centered on Customer Support Centers (CSC)

Group Management

In Japan, we will strive to further grow the AEON delight Group by strengthening cooperation among Group companies and solving issues each company faces from a post-pandemic perspective, while taking into account the business characteristics of each group company.
In China, which we consider to be the largest growth area in Asia, we will steadily expand business by focusing on securing more contracts for key target facilities such as medium- and high-end shopping centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and redevelopment areas through our core operating companies Aeon Delight (Jiangsu) Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Xiaozhu Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd. under group management by our controlling company AEON DELIGHT (CHINA) CO., LTD. In addition to organic growth, we plan to make further strides in China by capturing expertise, expanding our business domain, and strengthening our customer base through M&A deals and business alliances.
Moreover, in the ASEAN business, where we expect further growth over the medium to long term, we are preparing to open an ASEAN headquarters in order to enhance our governance structure and draw up a new growth strategy.
In addition, we will continuously work to further strengthen group governance and foster a sound organizational culture that will ensure sustainable growth for the entire AEON delight Group.