For our 50 years of existence, the AEON delight Group has been providing safety and security to facilities and their surrounding environments.

Our Purpose Continuing to protect people's precious places

The origin of the AEON delight Group can be traced back to the Sennichi Department Store fire that broke out in Osaka in May 1972. It was the worst fire incident in the history of building fires in Japan, leaving 118 people dead. With the aim of preventing such a tragic accident from ever happening again, we founded the company and developed our expertise and techniques in facility management to "pursue facility safety and provide an environment where customers can visit our stores with peace of mind." This commitment led to the spin-off of the building maintenance division from the retail business and the founding of our predecessor company.

Subsequently, after a business merger with several companies that share our vision, AEON delight was formed in 2006. To make even greater strides as the newly formed AEON delight, we created our management principle to "pursue the Creation of ‘Environmental Value’ for our Customers and for the Local Communities”. The phrase "creation of environmental value" expresses our aspiration to become a company that continues to protect people's precious places by expanding the value we provide from safety and security, our founding philosophy, to cleanliness, comfort, and reducing environmental impact.

The AEON delight Group celebrated its 50th anniversary in November 2022, and the roll we fulfill in society will remain the same over the next 50 years. The AEON delight Group will continue to transform and adapt to changes in the environment to create environmental value for our customers and local communities, and to protect people’s precious places for years to come.

Our Service Providing a diverse line-up of facility-related services

The AEON delight Group is a facility management group that offers various solutions for facilities and surrounding environments in response to the challenges faced by customers in Japan, China, and the ASEAN region.
We help companies and organizations solve various issues by building optimal customer-focused solutions with a wide array of services covering from facility operations to management.

Management Services

  • Facility Budget Management
  • Energy Management
  • Workplaces
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Maintenance Plan Development and Management
  • Partner Management (Evaluation & Guidance)

Operations Services

  • Facility Management
  • Security
  • Materials
  • Cleaning
  • Building Construction
  • Vending Machines
  • Support

Our Strength

Providing the best facility solutions as a group of experts for facility management

The strength of the AEON delight Group rests in our ability to provide optimal solutions to customer issues through our diverse array of facility-related services and our network of expert personnel in Japan and overseas.

Our Vision

The AEON delight Vision 2025 is what we aspire to achieve. With the aim of creating a sustainable society, we will establish our corporate brand as a group of experts in facility management by solving three social issues, ensuring safety and security, resolving labor shortages, and addressing environmental issues. We will create regional economic zones in each of the areas we operate in

Our Strategy

Accelerating growth to achieve 「Vision 2025」

The three-year medium-term management plan (FY2/22–FY2/24) is a strategic target set up as a milestone toward achieving Vision 2025.
Under the three basic policies of Customer-oriented Management, Digital Transformation (DX) Promotion, and Group Management, we are accelerating our growth toward realizing Vision 2025.