Our Business

Our main business is the facility management business, in which we solve customer issues by providing various solutions related to facilities and their surrounding environment.

We provide customer-focused optimal solutions based on our unique expertise. We provide valuable services ranging from facility operations to management by efficiently sharing information through our service network to our group companies and partner companies.

Our Facility Management

We help companies and organizations solve various issues by building optimal customer-focused solutions with a wide array of services covering everything from facility operations to management.

Our Strength

Providing the best facility solutions as a group
of experts for facility management

The strength of the AEON delight Group rests in our ability to provide optimal
solutions to customer issues through our diverse array of facility-related
services and our network of expert personnel in Japan and overseas.

Facilities Management
in Asia

We have standardized the technology and quality control methods we have developed over the past 50 years in Japan.
With the aim of becoming Asia's No. 1 facility management company, we are extending the AEON delight brand from Japan to China and ASEAN countries.