Human Resource Management

Basic approach

AEON delight Group, as a group of facility management experts, focuses on the development of professionals with both technical capabilities and human capabilities in order to continue contributing to the resolution of issues faced by our customers and local communities.
AEON delight recognizes that the shortage of labor and the aging of qualified personnel in the facility management industry is a critical issue that must be addressed. In addition to transforming our business model through digital transformation, we will work to secure human resources through a combination of external recruitment and internal training, such as internal training for technology, management, and qualifications, internal and Group recruitment, and early development of young talent.

Human Resource Development Policy

  1. We will care for the safety and health of our employees and will not neglect to invest in our human resources.
  2. We will respect the knowledge, skills, and experience of our employees as assets and continue to invest effectively in education to enhance their value.
  3. We will suppor t our employees in their professional development and acquisition of qualifications so that they can work with professionalism and pride in their respective fields.
  4. We will provide training programs linked to company policies to motivate and inspire employees to contribute to management and the improvement of business performance.

Efforts to Improve Technical Capabilities

Training system

Performing facility management work requires a number of certifications, and we have established a system to help each employee improve their skills and expertise as well as acquire qualifications. Key training programs include technical training, certification training, and management training, with a focus on facilities management. We also provide management training according to job level and internal certifications, as well as training for overseas assignees and training for developing management candidates.

In FY2022, we held 346 in-house training sessions with a total of 14,953 participants. As of FY2022, we had 20,351 certified employees, including those with key certifications such as Building Environment and Sanitation Management Technician.

Human Resource Development System


Outline of Education and Training

Fiscal Year 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of training courses 237
Total number of trainees 10,025 4,865
11,840 14,953
Training hours per person 20 9
21 28
Training cost per person(thousands of yen) 75 60 82 108

Examples of training courses

Technical training

  • Basic training in facilities management (air conditioning, refrigeration, environmental sanitation)
  • Licensed Electrical Engineer training for selected and newly appointed employees
  • Low voltage/high voltage/special high voltage electricity handling training

Certification training

  • Type 3 Licensed Electrical Engineer exam preparation training (theory/machinery)
  • Type 2 Licensed Electrician written and practical exam preparation
  • Certification exam preparation training (Building Environment and Sanitation Management Technician, Type 3 Refrigeration Equipment Manager)
  • Class 1 Building Cleaning Proficiency Practical Skills exam preparation training

Management training

  • Training for newly appointed site managers and office managers
  • Appointee training

Encouraging employees to acquire certification and expertise

We also encourage employees to acquire qualifications in order to foster a culture where they are encouraged to actively learn and enhance their expertise.

The Engineer Study program provides subsidies to all AEON delight Group employees for up to 50% of the cost of taking and purchasing distance learning courses, e-learning courses, and textbooks for 16 qualifications, with a maximum subsidy of 100,000 yen. In FY2002, we provided subsidies of 2.13 million yen to 159 employees. From FY2022, we launched a program to provide assistance with examination and initial registration fees for eligible certifications, even if the certification was obtained outside of the Engineer Study program.

For new graduates, we require them to acquire the qualification of a Type 2 Electrical Engineer at the time of their entry-level training. We also aim to have them obtain the Type 3 Chief Electricity Engineer or Building Environment and Sanitation Management Technician certification within three years. In addition, we manage 207 types of qualifications held by our employees and provide allowances to our employees for holding qualifications and appointments. In FY2022, we provided 63.58 million yen (basic qualification allowance) as allowances for qualifications held. Starting in FY2023, we will provide rewards to those who acquire the qualifications, and will also publish the information in the company newsletter to motivate employees to acquire qualifications.

In addition, we have an electronic manual and e-learning system for acquiring operational knowledge, such as inspection, maintenance, repair, and cleaning methods for facilities management. As of FY2022, we have a cumulative total of 3,704 files. We are fostering a culture in which employees are encouraged to actively learn and acquire various certifications on their own.

Number of key qualified employees
(as of February 28, 2023, non-consolidated)

Total number of qualified personnel for all managed licenses 20,351

Examples of qualifications held

  • Building environment and sanitation management technician 1,365
  • Licensed electrical engineer (Type 1/2/3) 983
  • Qualified energy manager (heat, electricity) 201
  • Fluorocarbon refrigerant engineer (Type 1) 598
  • Eco-tuning engineer 158

Examples of qualifications held by AEON delight employees

  • Building environment and sanitation management technician
  • Licensed electrical engineer (Type 1/2/3)
  • Chief telecommunications engineer (Type 1/2)
  • Licensed electrician (Type 1/2)
  • High-voltage electrical engineer
  • Analog installation technician (Type 1/2/3)
  • Digital installation technician (Type 1/2/3)
  • Analog and digital installation technician
  • Electrical work operation and management engineer (Class 1/2)
  • Building construction management engineer (Class 1/2)
  • Piping construction management engineer (Class 1/2)
  • Supervisory engineer
  • Registered architect (Class 1/2)
  • Qualified person form energy management (heat/electricity)
  • Eco-tuning engineer (Type 1/2)
  • Energy manager (heat/electricity)
  • Fluorocarbon refrigerant engineer (Type 1)
  • Refrigeration equipment supervisor (Type 1/2/3)
  • Boiler engineer (Expert, Class 1/2)
  • Boiler mechanic
  • Hazardous materials engineer (Type A/B/C)
  • Fire protection engineer (Type A/B)
  • Fire prevention manager (Type A/B)
  • Qualified firefighting equipment inspector (Type A/B)
  • Qualified fire prevention property inspector
  • Fire prevention equipment inspector
  • Disaster prevention manager
  • Certified disaster prevention management inspector
  • Private power generation equipment specialist engineer
  • Water tank cleaning supervisor
  • Septic tank manager
  • Building facilities inspector
  • Elevator inspector
  • Pollution control manager
  • Professional engineer
  • Instrumentation engineer(Class1)
  • Certified facility manager
  • Building facilities management technician (Class1/2)
  • Building cleaning technician
  • Security guard training supervisor (Class1to4)
  • Machine security system manager
  • Facility security (Class1/2)
  • Traffic control security (Class1/2)
  • Registered real estate transaction manager
  • Vocational training instructor
  • Sanitation supervisor (Class 1/2)

( As of February 2023, consolidated )

Systematic development of specialized human resources

Management Talent Development System

With the aim of systematically developing management talent, the Nomination and Compensation Advisory Committee engages in discussions regarding the development of management talent. The committee selects candidates for executive officers and senior management positions (regional office managers, general managers, managers, etc.) and deliberates on career plans and placement plans that will lead to the development of the candidates.
Furthermore, starting FY2022, in addition to the existing management training, we newly introduced an branch office manager training program and conducted training five times during the year for 34 eligible branch office managers. For the area manager and site manager positions, which serve as the head of each area and facility under the branch office manager position newly created in FY2022, we held five training sessions for 437 employees for a total of five days to indicate AEON delight’s direction and clarify their own roles.

Young People’s Future Discussion Project

In FY2023, we carried out activities under the Young People's Future Discussion with the aim of fostering young talent who will take on the challenges of business creation and business model transformation with an eye toward future management issues and disruptive innovation. Fourteen young employees in their 20s and 30s, selected from all over Japan, participated in a total of ten activities over a four-month period under the three themes of DX of business processes, use of cutting-edge technology, and new business.
They put together a proposal that combined social issues with AEON delight Group resources, and made a final presentation to the management team.

DX Human Resource Development

AEON delight Group views digital transformation (DX) as a means to realize change, and in July 2022, began offering a DX education program for approximately 500 full-time employees in their 20s, with the aim of developing human resources who will lead the facility management industry in the next generation.

This program is designed for employees under the age of 30 who have been with the company for at least two years, and we provide them with a curriculum where they learn the basics of DX through e-learning and study to obtain the IT Passport certification. Those who are not eligible can also view the e-learning videos, and we will distribute textbooks to those who wish to take the certification exam and subsidize the cost of the exam. In the future, we will continue to provide education to those who have obtained the IT Passport certification, and we aim to achieve the business model reform and profitability improvement through DX promotion, which is set forth as our goal in the medium-term management plan.

AEON delight Academy Nagahama

At AEON delight Academy Nagahama, our in-house training facility, we offer about 30 types of practical training programs. In addition to training for 14 public certifications related to work, we also provide content tailored to the level of the trainee, such as management techniques in electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, and firefighting equipment, emergency response methods, expertise in energy conservation proposals, cleaning, and other topics.

AEON delight Academy Nagahama

Network in China and ASEAN

Currently, AEON delight actively promotes client development of Japanese corporations, foreign-affiliated corporations and local corporations in the Asian market. We are steadily increasing the number of entrusted contracts with high quality services based on Japanese quality and knowhows that are compatible with the local circumstances.