Our Management Principle

Aiming to Become the Leading Comprehensive FMS Group in Asia.

Based on our management principle to contribute to the development of society through the “creation of environmental value,” AEON Delight has identified Asia as its main area of activity and strives to become a leading comprehensive facility management services (FMS) group at the global, by achieving sustainable growth and further raising our corporate value.

AEON Delight offers “Comprehensive Facility Management Services(comprehensive FMS),” which include a diverse range of services from facility management related to maintenance and operation of facilities to cleaning, security and energy-related services, as well as various construction, supply of indirect material, and operation and management of vending machines. For over 40 years since our foundation, we have been providing safety, a sense of security and comfort in facilities and their environs. Even in times of emergency such as a natural disaster, we have contributed to the early recovery of facilities by leveraging the nationwide network of AEON Delight and affiliated companies to dispatch supporters and deliver supplies, among other things.

The comprehensive FMS business is achieving significant growth not only in Japan but in Asian countries as well. The number of consolidated companies has reached 27 in the AEON Delight Group. As represented by the number of service locations, the business is growing in Asia with about 1,000 locations in Japan, about 170 locations in China, and about 120 locations in Malaysia and Vietnam.

The business environment surrounding our company indicates that the rapidly evolving technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence) will bring about drastic changes in businesses including facility management, cleaning, and security, which have mainly relied on personal service.

Based on the understanding that the environment is changing, we will strive to achieve medium- to long-term growth by reforming the existing business models to establish a foundation for growth in ASEAN countries.

With an aim to improve productivity, the cleaning services business will work toward the early introduction of cleaning robots for commercial use and promote the application of simplified models. We will also carry out research and development with an eye toward developing cleaning robots that make use of the latest AI technology. In addition, we will further expand the provision of “hygiene control” services mainly for medical-related facilities, by incorporating solutions for disinfection and measures to prevent infectious diseases inside the facility, besides offering conventional cleaning services.

The facilities management business will work to build a next-generation facility management model for each country by utilizing various sensors and cloud technology that have achieved remarkable technological innovation. In addition to stepping up energy saving measures and shifting facility management to a patrol-type service from a resident-type service centered on remote monitoring and control, we will work to build a facility management model that integrates electricity cost reduction for the customers. As unforeseen natural disasters occur in Japan and abroad, guaranteeing an environment for business continuity has also become an increasingly important factor for corporations. Backed by the experience of overcoming many natural disasters together with the customer, AEON Delight is committed to strengthening a system for unified control of crisis management information with a view toward providing services related to Business Continuity Management (BCM).

As a corporate group with a mission to ensure safety, a sense of security,and comfort, we will continually strive to improve quality and keep an eye on the international trend to introduce ISO standards for facility management, while promoting efforts to quantify “comfort” and “cleanliness” and other qualitative value standards and providing Asia's highest level of services based on our unique quality standards.

AEON Delight aims to become the leading comprehensive FMS group by “pursuing the creation of environmental value for the customers and for the local communities.”


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