Continuing to protect people’s precious places
as an environmental value-creating company,

In November 2022, our Group celebrated its 50th anniversary. This is undoubtedly the result of the various challenges that each generation of our management and employees, with the support of our customers, local communities, and other stakeholders, have taken on while keeping alive our founding commitment to "protect the safety and security of our facilities".
The AEON delight Group will continue to protect people's precious places as an environmental value-creating company by continuously transforming ourselves while adapting to changes in the environment.

The roots of the AEON delight Group

The roots of the AEON delight Group can be traced back to the fire at the Sennichi Department Store in Osaka in May of 1972. It was the worst fire disaster in the history of building fires in Japan, resulting in 118 fatalities. With the aim of preventing such a tragic accident from ever happening again, we founded the company and developed our expertise and techniques in facility management to "pursue facility safety and provide an environment where customers can visit facilities with peace of mind.” What started as a company with only a few employees, driven by intense remorse over the tragic accident, has grown into a corporate group with more than 20,000 employees providing services throughout Japan and Asia.

Becoming an environment value-creating company that solves social issues in Asia

AEON delight established in 2006 through the merger of its predecessors, Japan Maintenance Co., Ltd. and AEON Techno Service Co. Ltd. Following discussions about what is necessary to set this new company up for further success, we defined our management principle as "We Pursue the Creation of ’Environmental Value’ for our Customers and for the Local Communities”.
The phrase "creating environmental value" builds on our roots of ensuring safety and security, and further expands the value we provide to include cleanliness, comfort, and reducing environmental impact, thereby elevating our aspiration to become a company that continues to protect people's precious places.
In addition, based on this management principle, we determined that we must solve the three social issues of safety and security, labor shortage, and environment through our business, and are currently implementing various initiatives to become an environmental value-creating company that solves social issues in Asia.

Unchanging aspirations and things that must be changed

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, our role in society remains the same: to create environmental value and continue to protect people's precious places.
However, the means and standards of achievement change over time.
Currently, the facility management industry, which is our business domain, is facing a serious labor shortage. Against this backdrop, we are currently promoting digital transformation to build a new facility management model that integrates human skills and digital technology, with the aim of transforming our business model into a sustainable one.

To our stakeholders

In recent years, the environment surrounding our business has changed dramatically due to the spread of COVID-19 and the developments in Ukraine. Under these circumstances, the AEON delight Group will continue to transform itself while adapting to changes in the environment in order to "continue protecting people's precious places" as an environmental value-creating company.
As the world faces various challenges to create a sustainable society, we keenly realize that the fields in which our Group should play an active role are expanding more and more as a corporate group that strives to solve social issues such as ensuring safety and security, mitigating labor shortages, and protecting the environment through facility management.

As we take a new step toward the next 50 years, we hope you will look forward to the future of the AEON delight Group.

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