Promoting Health Management

In accordance with the Aeon Health Management Declaration, the AEON delight Group is working to maintain and improve the health of our employees. We will continue to promote the health of our employees by improving their physical and mental health and creating a safe, secure, and vibrant workplace.

Aeon aims to become a corporate group that enables a diverse range of people to remain healthy, fulfill their potential and play an active role, based on the belief that people are the greatest management resource for achieving the health and happiness of employees and customers and for helping local communities. The management issue we strive to solve through health management is to ensure that each and every employee is healthy both physically and mentally, eager to work for many years, and full of motivation.
Aeon believes that the health of our employees is the cornerstone of corporate activities and that it can only provide services that bring health and happiness to customers in the local community if its employees are healthy. With this in mind, Aeon announced the Aeon Health Management Declaration in 2016 and is promoting health management.

In accordance with this philosophy and policy, our Basic Policies for Sustainability, which we established in August 2021, state that we "will strive to create a safe, secure, hygienic, and healthy usage environment in and around our facilities," and that we "will respect the human rights of each individual and create a vibrant organizational culture in which diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities."
We also identified appropriate labor management as one of our material issues in 2021, and understand that reducing employee illness rates and providing a comfortable working environment are important factors that will help boost productivity and job satisfaction, which in turn will enhance the vitality and value of our company as a whole.
We will continue to engage in company-wide health initiatives by raising periodic health checkup rates and specific health guidance utilization rates to improve physical and mental health of employees, and by optimizing working hours and encouraging employees to quit smoking to create a safe, secure, and vibrant workplace.

AEON DELIGHT CO.,LTD., AEON DELIGHT ACADEMY CO., LTD. and AEON COMPASS CO., LTD. were certified as the 2023 Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations in the large enterprise category in March.
Also, AEON DELIGHT SECURITY CO., LTD. was certified as that in the small and medium enterprise category.
Based on local health issues and the health promotion initiatives promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, this system awards enterprises, including large enterprises and SMEs, that implement particularly good health management initiatives.


Aeon Commitment to Health & Productivity Management

Purpose of health promotion

AEON delight's management philosophy is "We pursue the creation of “environmental value" for the customers and for the local communities," and we strive to be a company that continues to protect the places that are important to people. To realize this objective, it is important to have a healthy and diverse workforce and to allow each individual to continue to fully demonstrate his or her abilities.
To this end, we must become a company in which each and every employee is healthy, both mentally and physically, motivated, and able to play an active role for a long time. Employee health is the cornerstone of company activities. We believe that only when employees are healthy can we continue to protect the usage environment of facilities, which are important places for people.

Ultimate Goals of Health Promotion

Improve employee satisfaction/reduce turnover/increase productivity

Promotion Policy

  1. Ensure physical and mental health
  2. Create a safe, secure, and vibrant workplace
  3. Promote health throughout the company

Promotion Organization

Promotion goals

Target for FY2022

  • 100% attendance at regular health checkups (Actual: 99.96%)
  • 13% reduction in the number of smokers from the previous year (FY2021:26.4%)(Actual: 25.4%)

Promotion Initiatives

Starting in September 2022, we newly held training sessions and seminars for employee health awareness. We held Mental Health Training for all health insurance enrollees and Quitting Smoking Seminar for eligible enrollees, both online. In addition, we also held an online Women's Health Seminar in October 2022.